Wedding Shoes

Buying a designer wedding dress can be a pretty hefty expense, and after we chose the bridal gown, it is not the end, a pair of brand wedding shoes will also cost a lot, sometimes we need to save money for years for our big day. If you want to keep the wedding cost down, you may have to buy the low quality wedding dress, or search a pre-owned wedding dress, and pair a common shoes, so is it still the wedding you dream of? We all know that how important the wedding to us girls, do you want to have regret on the wedding day? For our factory, to produce a pair of perfect wedding shoes is not a difficult thing, we hope every bride feel happy from heart on the wedding day, the price of designer bridal shoes may not that friendly, don't disappoint, provide you quality bridal shoes with affordable price, you do not need to worry about your account, everyone can afford it, maybe our price is not the lowest for online shopping, but we promise that our quality absolutely worth the price. When summer’s coming our bridal sandals, wedding sandals will be a good choice, if your wedding is in the spring or fall or even winter, we have bridal Pumps, wedding Pumps prepared for you, simple style or decorated style, both you can find here. We suggest that your choose the wedding dress first, then pair the same style of the shoes that will be better, if your dress color is ivory then the best color of the shoe is also ivory. we may have not took all of the colors for one certain style, but ivory, silver, white are available for all of our shoes for weeding, you can not choose the color but you can remark in order, and the other colors like black, royal blue and so on you need to contact us before you buy, just like the wedding dress, our shoes for bride also have a processing time, that is about 7-12 days, the shipping depends on the destinations, usually the time is about 2-5 working days, any questions please feel free to contact us.  

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