2018 New Trends of Women Footwear

The spring’s new arrival, famous branded women shoes, heels with fur is absolutely considered as a very feminine shoes, for party or evening, it is a good choice, as a pair of elegant women pumps, it is with peep toe and ankle design is strapped, you may find that the back part of this shoe is not normal as the others, we use the Rivets Spikes to decorated this Boutique sandals, most of the designer shoes released the new products this spring, you can find the Spike Shoes in the fashion shows of top brands, the Rivets or Spikes becomes the necessary fashionable elements, and the fur shoes are also the hot products these years, our designer combined the two different decorations into this product, our price will be not as high as the brand or designer pumps or heels, we have good quality and with affordable price, the color of the image is pink, you may say that you do not like the pink color, or your evening dress need black color to match, custom-order also available, we are a professional women shoes factory, the heels is about 4 inch, EU size 34 – 46, if you need plus size 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 please contact us first before you place the order, every year we have the new trends for footwear, every year we will find the new style which light up our eyes, we have many pairs of shoes in our shoe cabinet, but we always have our favorite one, all of our women shoes are not in stock, if for urgent Special Occasion please contact us to confirm the delivery time, usually the processing time is about 7-12 working days, and the shipping time depends on the destination. We provide you the newest Celebrity Boutique shoes. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

New Collection of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

2018 new design of shoes for women, from the new products presentation of the famous brand shoes we will find the pointed toe flats shoes. This month we launched many new styles of women ankle boots brand, we have not so many flat styles shoes for women before, especially for the winter products, usually our winter Booties with high heels and platform, but this time we provide you the simplest one, without any uncomfortable elements on the shoes, casual and easy to wear and walk in. the first time we add the ruffles to the winter boots designer, we got the idea from the drama serial The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a story about a women who’s used to be a housewife, and the way to become the power lady. In the 1950s of United States, the 25-year-old New Yorker Michael Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) was a shrewd, sunny, energetic, and lovely Jewish woman who had made her own life. That is: Go to college, get married, have two or three children, and then provide a Yom Kippur dinner in an elegant Manhattan apartment. But one day her husband (Michael Zegen) suddenly left her, and she needs to figure out her new way as soon as possible without warning. For the other people, from a housewife to become a top talk show host is obviously an amazing choice, but it is not so for Mickey. What a heart-stirring TV play, Mrs. Maisel not just gave us the belief of life, even if you are under the adversity, you can always find the way out, if you do not give up, but also the sense of fashion, she inspired us for the new products’ design, the cloth the heels and the make-up. This famous brand designer boots for women with good quality and affordable price, as a pair of Boutique shoes for women, this one is also a good choice for parties, wedding or evening to wear, little Street style, and you can also call it vintage boots, plus size from 34-46, other colors also available, you can contact us if you have find the favorite color, any questions please leave us message we will reply you as soon as possible.

New Design of Women Riding Boots

2018 winter new design knee high boots for women, made of real leather, size from EU 34-42, plus size 43-46 also available, if you need plus size please contact us before you place the order, this brand women boots inspired by the classic riding boots, but different from most of the classic women riding boots design, this knee high boots we add the heels, the chunky middle heel more popular nowadays, during the Middle Ages we saw most the riding boots are flat style, but our young girls or ladies like the heels design better than the flat style, the thick heel is about 6-7 cm, and with about 1 cm platform. And the toe is a little bit pointed not the normal round shape. For the cold winter the real leather can keep warm, that is very important, and the sole of the shoe made of the rubber, very soft and comfortable. The photo color is black, other colors like brown, red, withe, blue and so on, also available, you can leave us message, custom-made shoes is free, if you worry the size of this shoe, you can tell us the measurement of your mid-calf, the height of this boots is almost the knee part, but if you are very tall we can also customize the height of the shoe for you. Every pair of our designer boots needs the processing time, the women shoes are not in stock, the processing time is about 10-12 working days, shipping globally. The top of the boots with a buckle, and the back with a v shape split which looks very fashion, if you want a pair of vintage boots this classic one will be a good choice, our products with good quality and competitive price, more Celebrity Boutique Special Occasion shoes please so stay tuned, the product will keep up to date, any questions about us please send us email. 2018 March 14th

2018 Fashion Thigh High Sock Boots

Although the spring is coming, but most of the countries in the northern hemisphere are still under the cold weather. At the beginning of 2018, do you want to know in advance the hot style, will the brand thigh high boots will always be the one on the hot sale list, you may have already had many pairs of winter boots, but over the knee boots you have at least one pair in shoe cabinet I am sure. This new arrival designer boots for women, we began to produce this spring, I know it looks not particular, the design is simple, and the material also looks very simple, but we all know that the classic is always the eternal. Look at this new brand boots for winter, the material we use is quality elastic lint, it has very good elasticity breathability. we abandon the tedious black which we uses to see the color to be used on the most of the winter boots, this time we use the burgundy color, it is very suitable for the winter tone, and deep red color will not that abrupt, but can let our eyes bright, the Sock Boots have already became the most popular shoes among celebrities last year, most of the sock boots are just ankle style, we provide you more choices like thigh high Sock Boots over the knee, different color bring different mood, the pointed toe with the chunky high heel are very fashionable. This model we also have the back color, if you do not like the burgundy one. The boots are not in stock, usually we need about 8-12 working days to product the shoes, and the shipping time depends on the destination, for most of the countries the shipping time is about 3-8 working days, if you want to rush the order or any questions about us please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

New Arrival Fur Thigh High Boots

This over the knee boots with the sexy design pointed toe, pointed shoes are the classic and generous, still the trends today, fashion and sexy, beautiful women and young ladies all love it, we use the leather as the main material of this product, clear and gentle, soft and comfortable also with tenacity, gloss, Simple and stylish appearance of this lace up thigh high boots is very popular this year, to give you a more comfortable foot experience, showing a unique taste and style, the top of the shoe we use the high-quality rabbit fur, with the fur decoration this fashion women boots give you a warm look, and the rabbit fur looks very cute also, warm and stylish design elements, we also add the laces on this winter boots, you can lace it up and also you can just leave it as the decorations of this boots, you may have noticed that many brand boots and designer boots also add the fur to the shoes early this year, all of the fabric of this boots we use to produce are soft and comfortable, it feels so soft and comfortable. The color is black, it is very matching the formal cloth, young girls may like the pink, red, yellow or blue, you can contact us, other colors also available, it is also has some elasticity, similar as the hot sock boots, wearing comfortable shoes the feel is very good. And the thick heel also wrapped by the same fabric that the whole shoes looks more harmonious. We all know that chunky heel thigh high boots more elegant than the flat ones, walking steady , this product makes your leg lines looks more straight, and the shoe sole made of special material it is very light and has a very good slip resistance and abrasion performance, give you a comfortable foot walking experience. More brand and designer shoes for women please cheek our web sit, please notice the processing time, any questions welcome to contact us or email us.

Brand Thigh High Sock Boots

Do you know which style of the women boots is hottest of this year, then that must be the sock boots, from the name you can tell that the way to wear this kind of boots is just like the way you wear your socks, usually choose the soft cotton or velvet as the material of this kind of product, because these kind fabric will be very tight, just feel like the socks, it wraps your ankle, it makes your shank looks more thinner, especially the thigh high sock boots, do not worry if you thought you have fat legs, over the knee sock boots has the magic to give you a brand new look, we all want our legs looks thin and straight, very sexy and charming. 2018 new arrivals of the elastic brand boots for women are on sale. At the end of the last year, you can see almost all of the female stars wear this kind of hot boots, even some male stars, you will know how popular it is. You do not needs us to tell you the trend of the next year, right? Most of the sock boots are ankle high, we provide you more choice, from ankle to thigh high. For this product the heel is about 8 cm, made of elastic suede, split style, that is very special, half black and half pink, with a pointed toe, that is very sexy, without any decorations, simple is the best, designer boots, brand shoes, or designer shoes, all have this similar style, but we provide you the best price, the processing time usually needs about 10-15 working days, we ship to all over the world. Maybe you do not like the mixed color of black and pink, you can also tell us the color you like, we can change the colors for you. Any questions you can contact us via email we will be always on line for you.

women boots

Cheek our new arrivals of women boots, fashion with high quality. sexyshoeswoman.com provide a variety of choices, from ankle  to thigh high, you will find the women shoes you like. We have ankle boots, ankle boots open toe, fringe boots, fur boots, knee high boots, knee high boots open toe, knee high gladiator heels, lace up knee high boots, lace up thigh high boots, mid calf boots, rhinestone boots, snow boots, studded boots, summer boots, thigh high boots, vintage boots, women motorcycle boots, women riding boots, and so on. We have the most styles for you to choose. Thigh high boots and knee high boots will be you best choice for winter, because they are warm and fashion. Matching a short skirt will be very vogue. Women motorcycle boots will also be a cool choice for winter, i know some girls do not like skirt in winter. Our brand boots and designer boots like gladiator heels or summer boots are the right choice for spring summer and fall, also we have lace up thigh high style and lace up knee high style of the women boots for these seasons. All of our boots are not in stock, so if you need urgent please tell us before you make the order, some of the boots we can rush the order for you, but some of the boots we do not accept rush orders. Our processing time usually takes about 10 days, in the busy seasons the processing time will be a little bit longer. If you have any questions please contact us via our “CONTACT US” page, we will reply you within 24 hours.

Wedding Shoes

Buying a designer wedding dress can be a pretty hefty expense, and after we chose the bridal gown, it is not the end, a pair of brand wedding shoes will also cost a lot, sometimes we need to save money for years for our big day. If you want to keep the wedding cost down, you may have to buy the low quality wedding dress, or search a pre-owned wedding dress, and pair a common shoes, so is it still the wedding you dream of? We all know that how important the wedding to us girls, do you want to have regret on the wedding day? For our factory, to produce a pair of perfect wedding shoes is not a difficult thing, we hope every bride feel happy from heart on the wedding day, the price of designer bridal shoes may not that friendly, don’t disappoint, sexyshoeswoman.com provide you quality bridal shoes with affordable price, you do not need to worry about your account, everyone can afford it, maybe our price is not the lowest for online shopping, but we promise that our quality absolutely worth the price. When summer’s coming our bridal sandals, wedding sandals will be a good choice, if your wedding is in the spring or fall or even winter, we have bridal Pumps, wedding Pumps prepared for you, simple style or decorated style, both you can find here. We suggest that your choose the wedding dress first, then pair the same style of the shoes that will be better, if your dress color is ivory then the best color of the shoe is also ivory. we may have not took all of the colors for one certain style, but ivory, silver, white are available for all of our shoes for weeding, you can not choose the color but you can remark in order, and the other colors like black, royal blue and so on you need to contact us before you buy, just like the wedding dress, our shoes for bride also have a processing time, that is about 7-12 days, the shipping depends on the destinations, usually the time is about 2-5 working days, any questions please feel free to contact us.

Flat Thigh High Boots

This is our most favorite women boots in winter. Since 2009 we began to sell this flat boots, it has been on our hot sale list till now. When I first saw this boots, I thought that, it looks so normal, it will sell bad, but it sells well. Later we found that young lady and college students love this thigh high boots most, sometimes simple is the best. There is no decorations on this boots, no high heel, not sexy style, the only characteristic of this shoe is that it has some pleats. We can not exactly tell the reason why it is so popular, even years has passed. You may have saw many different kinds of thigh high boots with high heels, but this flat thigh high boots is the most classic one, it may not that sexy than the high heel styles, it may not that fashion than the lace-up styles, but if you want to buy a winter boots which wears comfortable, then choose this one, you will never regret. You can not wear a pair of women boots which with high heels to walk all day, because your feet will be hurt, but the flat boots will not. So if you do some shopping with your friends, or stand for a long time this winter boots is the best choice. If you like the women motorcycle boots, you will like this product, because it is the most simple women motorcycle boots. There is a zipper from the mid-calf to the bottom of the black boots. After you make the order we need 7-12 working days to process your order then ship it to you, the shipping usually takes about 2-5 working days, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.